Sunday, September 9th 2019 – My Father’s Face

I am a writer and a reader. A friend told me that her writing is like translating films she sees in her head; I cannot picture the books I write in my mind.  I cannot picture the books I read in my mind, so I read for words, for structure, for sound. When I write am transcribing directly the words that have always lived in my head.

– Alex DiFrancesco, “My Father’s Face”

This is a brief and powerful personal essay about a phenomenon with which I was unfamiliar: aphantasia, when people cannot see images in their mind. Alex, a prolific and talented writer, explores the experience of discovering having aphantasia so beautifully, and meditates on the importance of a single photograph in their life, one of their father, who passed away.

Read “My Father’s Face,” on Vol. 1 Brooklyn here.

Alex is the author of Psychopomps, a collection of essays from Civil Coping Mechanisms Press, and All City, a novel from Seven Stories Press. I highly recommend ordering both from your local independent bookshop.


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