Sunday, September 1st 2019 – The Last Date on Earth

I wear my periwinkle silk dress that’s dry-clean only, because now is not the time to be practical. He picks me up at six and takes me to Nando’s, yes, Nando’s, in an ice-pink punch buggy that he says is his mother’s. I do not ask him why Nando’s, or where his mother is, or why she doesn’t need the car herself, in case these are sensitive subjects.

– Kyra Kondis, “The Last Date on Earth”

A lovely flash today from Kyra Kondis. “The Last Date on Earth” perfectly encapsulates a certain random spontaneity of when you simultaneously have very little time, and really want to do something. The world is ending, and our narrator agrees to a Tinder date. Funny and tender, Kondis dwells on how we spend our time and what we wish we had done, in retrospect. Very relatable, which is comforting but not what gives it merit. It’s beautifully-crafted and an absolute pleasure to read.

Check out “The Last Date on Earth” from Honey & Lime Lit here.


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