Thursday, September 12th, 2019 – The Best Time I Pretended I Hadn’t Heard of Slavoj Žižek

He was a nice guy, actually, but I saw the conversation stretching out in front of us, and I saw myself having to say things about Žižek and listen to him say things about Žižek, and I saw that I really did not want this to happen. “This is a bar,” I wanted to say, the same way that my grandmother might have said “This is a church.”

Rosa Lyster, “The Best Time I Pretended I Hadn’t Heard of Slavoj Žižek”

My friends, this piece is award-winning, and for a reason. You may know of Rosa’s work for her hilarious series on astrology for the Hairpin (and if you don’t, oh have I got a treat for you or what?) but this is also one of my favorites of her pieces. It just makes me cackle every time.

You know the circumstance. You’re having a nice time in a public place and someone is mansplaining some adored cultural icon or institution. They seem not that sensitive and not at all concerned with the way they’re taking up your time. You deny any prior knowledge of their thing, and hilarity ensues.

This is a quick read and very fun. Enjoy “The Best Time I Pretended I Hadn’t Heard of Slavoj Žižek,” by Rosa Lyster at The Hairpin, here.


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