About This Project

I can’t relax. Well, I can, but it’s difficult. I get extremely restless, I feel guilty, I know I’m wasting time, but I don’t know what to do with myself and it takes me a while to get settled. The thing is, we’re living in a world obsessed with productivity, and even if you have a lot of hobbies, interests, and friends in life, sometimes it’s hard to devote the free time you have to them. It can be difficult to make time for them.

This project is for anyone who wants to make a little time to read something new.

Twice a week, I’ll post short fiction and creative non-fiction. Sunday nights, so you have something to look forward to Monday morning, and Thursday nights, specifically so I can do a “Throwback Thursday,” something published recently, but maybe not this year. The Sunday night stories will be more recent–within this year, more or less–hopefully this week or this month.

While I’m sure I’ll share multiple works by the same author sometimes, my goal is to highlight as many writers as possible, and as many emerging writers as possible, although I hate that phrase. People who aren’t necessarily household names…yet. Debut novelists, so you can get a taste of their style. Pushcart Prize winners, personal essayists, you name it. I will also try to share from literary journals as much as possible. You can get the New Yorker easily, you don’t need me to pull something from it for you.

You might not like my preferred reading style. If not, sorry, but I do. If you don’t like a particular piece, just close the window and go on with your day. If you do, awesome! Follow the writer on Twitter, tell them you liked their piece, buy their book, follow their career.

I hope this project gives you just a little pleasure on the days you read with me.

Other stuff

1. If you’re going to read on the subway, or somewhere where your internet is spotty, I highly recommend the app Pocket. It saves things so you can read them offline.

2. If you prefer having stories read to you, do I have podcast recs or what:

The Other Stories – new work by new and established writers
Commonplace: Conversations with Poets – interviews and poems together!
Between the Covers – from Tin House
The Moth – New and archived stories from the Moth Radio Hour

(I’ll add more ASAP)


Everything I share on the site will be accessible for free, and I’ll link it at the bottom of the post. However, since these are actual writers often working with small indie presses, I’ll try to link their books below so you can check them out and buy them if you like the author’s style.

If you can buy direct from the author, I’ll link to there, but if not, here are some of my favorite indie bookstores that will ship to you (in no particular order):

Strand Book Store (fun fact, my first job out of college was working here)
McNally Jackson Books
Books Are Magic
Book Soup

**If you work for an indie bookshop and would like to be linked, email me or DM @Read1StoryADay on Twitter!