Thursday, August 8th 2019 – At the Home Depot

I scoff at them, and throw shards of glass into their cardboard. How’s this for a mirror, I say. Later I feel guilty and I apologize. The parasol ladies say it’s fine but I sense some distance between us still.

– Reem Abu-Baker, “At the Home Depot”

For today, a beautiful little flash fiction from Cheap Pop, published originally in 2016. Abu-Baker conveys SO MUCH in so few words. The voice is whimsical at times, then sober, then tender, and while we only see a few glimpses of the narrator’s world, she lets us in to the tensions between what we are told we should do, how we are told we can look, and what we need to do to survive.

Read “At the Home Depot,” in Cheap Pop here.


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