Sunday, August 4th 2019 – Peach Pit Mother

Now, in front of the farmer and the market and God and the fruit, my mother looked at me expectantly for an answer. Or maybe for permission? She hadn’t asked me a question, but the squint in her eyes demanded an answer, or maybe she was wondering, praying, that I understood, that I would say the exact right thing.

– Harrison Geosits, “Peach Pit Mother”

I knew I wanted to share this essay as soon as I read it. Harrison Geosits brings the reader gently and intimately into his relationship with his mother as it takes new shape. Because they raise us, adults seem fully formed in the imagination, always having been as they are. After finding an “easy rhythm” with his mother during his college years, this essay explores a moment of vulnerability on her part, and recognition on his. I loved the fullness of both Geosits and his mother as characters in this short piece; if you like family dynamic stories, this one is for you. I won’t spoil it any further.

Read “Peach Pit Mother,” published by Jellyfish Review, here.

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