Thursday, August 1st 2019 – The Bottle City of God

I am, of course, committing my classic Gentile mistake once again: ascribing too much power to God and not enough to humanity. Zion can only come to a place completely ready for it. The streets had free will paved right into them from the start: You can U-turn. You can turn away. People chose cars, not God’s blueprint.

– Karrie Higgins, “The Bottle City of God”

First published in 2014 in the Cincinnati Review, Karrie shared this essay on her blog in 2018 and I encountered it a year later. Part exquisite portrait of a strange city, part memoir of the author’s discovery of her “extrinsic asthma,” asthma that doesn’t come from within the body, and part study of design, intention, choice, and belief, “The Bottle City of God,” braids all these pieces together, and more, rivetingly.

Read “The Bottle City of God,” on Karrie’s blog, here.


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