Hello there! I’m Anna, a reader, writer, and educator tired of hearing, “I don’t have time to read much these days,” when I ask people what they’re reading.

Every Thursday and Sunday, starting this Sunday, I’ll be sharing and linking you to beautiful fiction and creative nonfiction published by literary journals and accessible online.

My mission is for readers who are overworked, tired, busy, or unfamiliar with small journals to find something new, short, and lovely to read when they have some spare time.

I’ll be sharing stuff I love and that other readers and writers recommend. I want to highlight as many writers and journals as possible!! I’m not trying to say I think anything is “the best” piece published this week/month/year, just sharing great stuff out there one piece at a time.

In my dream life, I would be able to post something every day, but I think I’m going to have to work up to that.

Thanks for reading – look out for the first story I can’t wait to share on Sunday, July 28th. If you would like to, please subscribe!


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